ugh- it's the slam..
from the urban grind, hillcrest..

David Miller, aka Cree, took second at his first SD slam..

Lil dynamo Jennifer Burton totally rips it at the Nov 15 slam.. and lookin' fine, too!

Cy getting her mahal mojo on at tonight's slam..

Yonatan at his first SD slam..

Ever on a fashion lookout, here we give you Yonatan's very cool threads..

Switching topics now (from fashionista to passionista), John Rubio feels it deeply, as did the judges..

Hillcrest Victims' Assistance group V.A.G.I.N.A. entertained between rounds with some lesbian carols at the Dec 13 slam..

Exquisite solo number from one of the V.A.G.I.N.A. caroleers..

Judge Kaivalya performing between rounds..

For pure cuteness, the prize goes to eleven-yr old Amanda..

Coming in second on that scale, it'd have to be Jason..

Jennifer Joseph in semi-pj's at the Dec 13 slam..

Jennifer & Robt O'SS showing why they call it a pajamaslam..

Alfred is way stoked to be way toked at the slam..

Dhyana has relocated to San Diego from her native Peru..

Lacey judged for us at her first SD slam..

Always good to see Aaron Taylor at the slam..

Gotta say the same for Joey Gunne as well..

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