ugh- it's the slam..
from the urban grind, hillcrest..

Maryland's Susan Beverly was our VIP visiting judge at the Sept 13 slam..

Daniel Armstrong accompanied Susan on the trip, and also competed tonight..

It was a pleasure getting to hear Jim Lewis at his first SD slam..

A fresh new voice on the scene; Aurora Tabar came in third tonight at her first SD slam..

Another pic of Aurora, utilizing an age-old method of projecting the voice..

Can you guess who's up at the mic? Tonight's audience listening to Susan Beverly's feature..

Donald Snider competing for the first time at the slam..

From Minneapolis, Desdemona, one of five VIP judges at the Sept 29 slam..

Hard-working NPS 2002 organizer Cynthia French is one-quarter of the Bustin' Out tour and deserves this well-earned Cali break..

Thadra Sheridan, also part of the same tour outta Minnie..

Completing the quartet, Dessa Darling, fourth VIP judge..

Very good seeing Curran Jeffery at tonight's slam..

Steve Scher came in third, competing at his first SD slam..

Pointing at the camera, Steve's roommate Rion Snow, accompanying their partners in crime..

Oct 11 saw the return of Mesa's Corbet Dean to the Urban Grind..

Corbet was one high-energy VIP guest judge at October's Friday-night slam..

From Pomona's popular Dim Lights & a Mic reading, Tamara Blue took second at the Oct 11 slam..

Lovely Jeanine came in third at the Sunday Oct 27 slam.. wish I could have gotten a pic of the fabulous tat on her shoulder!

Jan Daniels reading a piece inspired by the anti-war rally down in OB on Sunday Oct 27..

Pic of an unknown slammer at the Oct 27 slam.. let us know if this is you so we can post your name!

Also unsure which name goes with this face.. hate for folks to be unnamed, so please let us know if this is you!

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