THE San Diego Poetry SLAM!

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The 2003 Calendar..

Fri, Jan 17
Sun, Jan 26
Sun, Feb 16
Sun, Feb 23
Fri, Mar 14
Sun, Mar 30
Fri, Apr 11
Sun, Apr 27
Fri, May 16
Sun, May 25
Fri, Jun 13
Sun, Jun 29
Fri, July 11
Sat, Jul 19: Big Sur
Sun, July 27
Fri, Aug 15
Sun, Aug 31
Fri, Sept 12
Sun, Sept 28
Fri, Oct 10
Sun, Oct 26
Fri, Nov 14
Sun, Nov 30
Fri, Dec 12
Sun, Dec 28

Urban Grind now offers 2 slams a month for your listening/performing pleasure..

The Mid-month Friday Slam-
that'd be on the Friday closest to the 15th every month.

The Last Sunday Slam-
on the last calendar Sunday of each & every month.

All PSI rules, including the standard 3:10 time limit, enforced at the San Diego Slam..

Signups for both begin at 7 pm; slam starts around 7:30 pm.

All Urban Grind poetry slams are open format, meaning that there is no one "featured" poet. We pass the hat between rounds, and 40 percent of the monies raised goes to the evening's top two slammers. The other 60 percent goes into the Slam Team's bank account for Detroit 2004.

Hell yeah, we love visitors! ..out-of-town poets are heartily encouraged to come and slam with us, or VIP guest-judge for us (for even more mic time)..

Hope you got to hear, at least once this past season, our official
San Diego 2002 Slam Team..

Urban Grind: a coffeehouse cafe
3797 Park Blvd in Hillcrest
Ph: (619) 299-GRND

Come slam, come judge, or just come hang out with us!

What it is:
A slam is a poetry competition. Poets perform in two rounds. For each round, each poet chooses one piece (3 min, 10 secs maximum). Five judges score on a scale of 0-10, just like the Olympics (or the Gong Show!), we toss out the highest and the lowest scores, and the poet with the highest cumulative score at the end of two rounds is the winner.
Oh, and did we mention that first- and second-place winners take home CASH PRIZES?!

Why slam?
cuz slamming makes for well-edited poets..
cuz slamming is like basic training for performance-oriented poetry..
cuz slamming is drama.. action.. romance.. dude, forget Blockbuster!!
watching a slam is where it's all at..
but don't take our word for it- get on down to the next slam!!

and hey, remember- the point is not the points!....Alan Wolfe

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